I think I just met Jon Stewart???????

So we left the taping, which was perfect but all too short (and I’ll post a little write-up of that later), and waited at the side door next to Subway, because we figured that would be our best shot at meeting him on his way out. Then a black car showed up and parked right across from the door, so we knew we were in the right spot. Then we played the waiting game. (Aw, the waiting game sucks. Let’s play Hungry Hungry Hippo!)

While we waited, we saw John Oliver leave! We really wanted to talk to him but he left pretty quickly, and by the time we were like “Oh it’s him!” he was on the phone, so we let him go.

Then a guy wearing a backpack stuck his head out of the doorway and was like, “Are you guys waiting for someone?” and we were like “Uh…yes.” and he was like “Yeah? Who are you waiting for?” and I was awkwardly like, “Erm…Jon, haha.” and it was at that point that the man realised we were merely useless fans and not someone he needed to let in, haha. So he vanished back inside and we went back to waiting.

Then Wyatt and two of his friends walked out, and I decided not to talk to him either because we’re seeing him on Thursday, plus he was with people, so yeah.

AND THEN….! More waiting.

…BUT THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Door opens]

Me: JON!! =D (Pretty sure my face lit up like a Christmas tree and I sounded like a little kid, but anyway.)

Jon: Oh hey!

Me: Hi!! Would you mind signing my book please?

Jon: Sure! What’s your name?

Me: Veronica………I’m from Australia!

Jon: Oh I’m very sorry to hear that.

Me: Haha, eh, well, we’re here now!!

Jake: We don’t even get your show in Australia anymore.

Jon: Is that true??

Me: It IS! Well except on Foxtel.. (Foxtel = expensive cable, for those of you playing at home.)

Jon: Oh no!

Jake: That was a great show tonight. Do you really know all that stuff about Pokemon or was that just written for you?

Jon: Uh, well, I have a seven-year-old, so…I know about Pokemon.

Us: Hahahahahahahahaha >dies on sidewalk< (Side note: He is such a comedian! I mean, obviously, but like…I love how he always answers questions with a joke. Just something I noticed and wanted to mention.)

Me: Thank you so, so much!

Jon: No problem, no problem.

I think I said “Have a good night” then but ugh, I don’t even know.

Then a girl who had been lurking by herself (she was either pretending to be on the phone or actually on the phone the entire time we waited, but either way we knew she was there for Jon!) asked for a photo, which he happily posed for, and then he waved and said “See you later guys, thanks!” and we said “THANK YOU THANK YOOOOOU!!” and and and and…okay I guess that’s it. He hopped into his car and that was it. Oh but then I looked at my autograph and it said “Veronica – Oh no, you don’t get our show! – Jon Stewart” and I died fifty times all over again. Then we had to cross the street while his car was at the lights and I was like “Please run me over so I can talk to you again.” But he didn’t, and I’m glad, because later I got a photo with Killer Colbert himself. I never thought I’d get to meet a meme!  =| =| =| =| [Brain: Loading…Loading…Loading…]


The Stephen part was brief but amazing. We walked over to the TCR studios and waited for Dylan and Ashley to come out, and while I was standing there I was like, “You know what, I’m here, so fuck it, I’m getting a photo!” (which I may or may not have been considering the entire day…) so we waited for…..an unspecified amount of time (there is no time in dying-of-anticipation land), during which Paul Dinello came out and took a photo with Dylan and Ashley!!! He was really sweet, and he looks…unbelievable for his age. That hair, my god. I wanted a photo with him but I hesitated too long and he picked up his stuff and started to leave (WITH HIS ADORABLE LITTLE DOG!!!) so I didn’t. Oh well. GEOFFREY JELLINECK!!!!! WOO!

Then, after even more anxious and awkward standing around, Stephen came out!!! He was holding a can of Diet Coke, and I’m pretty sure he was eating something because as he was walking down the stairs he was like, “Hello!!” and he sounded like he had a mouth full =] AWWWW. So he was like, “All right, so we’re doing some photos?” and Dylan got hers first, then I got mine. I was like, “Umm, I met you on Thursday but I’ll be going back to Australia soon, so I needed to come back and get a photo!” Haha oh man, I’m ridiculous. But, he didn’t seem to mind…or he did, and the face he made in the photo WAS A WARNING TO ME. Hahaha oh my god I’ve yet to look at the picture without laughing so hard I cry. It’s probably partial hysterics from being so overwhelmingly happy, but a lot of it is just because his face is so hilarious.

So that was about it. He got in his car and we said thank you a million times, and he left.


The end.

PS. Holy shit.

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